How to Install Local Now on FireStick? [2023]

In this article, we will show you how to install the Local Now app on FireStick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, FireStick Lite, Android TV Boxes, Nvidia Shield, and other Android devices. Local Now is one of the best apps to stream local news channels on FireStick for free of cost. The application comes with more than two hundred news streaming channels in various categories. Furthermore, the Local Now app also provides you with all the latest and trending Movies, and TV Shows in a variety of genres. If you wonder how to watch local news channels on FireStick for free, then the Local Now app is the perfect option for you. Besides that, the application streams content in High-definition with subtitle support. In addition to FireStick, the application is fully compatible with various streaming devices including Roku, Android, iOS, and many more.

How to Install Local Now on FireStick
Watch Local News Channels on FireStick

Why you need a VPN for FireStick?

FireStick apps are one of the mainly used streaming sources by the cord-cutters. There are plenty of apps available for FireStick, but some exclusive apps can be accessed only via side-loading. These apps may have some copyrighted contents, which is risky. Moreover, your IP address can be easily tracked by your ISP, So there is a higher chance of losing your privacy online. In order to avoid these issues and to overcome the geographically based restrictions, you need to use a VPN service. There are many VPN providers out there, we recommend you use ExpressVPN which is the fastest and most secure VPN service that gives you great protection while streaming.

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Features of Local Now App

  • Access thousands of Movies, and TV Shows in HD and Full HD formats.
  • Stream more than 200 local News channels for free on your FireStick.
  • Local Now lets you select the city, in which you want to stream local channels. Moreover, you can select multiple locations.
  • Stream your favorites with the help of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG).
  • Get up-to-date weather reports and the latest news updates on time.
  • Local Now scrapes content from various reliable sources and offers you a buffer-free streaming experience.
  • The application also supports subtitles in multiple formats.

How to Install Local Now on FireStick/Fire TV?

Since Local Now App is available in the Amazon App Store itself. You can install it easily on your FireStick device. Here are the instructions that will help you with the installation.

Step 1: On the home screen of your FireStick, click the Search icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Search for Local Now on the Search window and click on the resulting Local Now app.

Step 3: Now the Local Now Apk will appear on your screen.

Step 4: Then click on the Get button, to download the app.

Step 5: Once the download gets completed, it will be automatically installed on your FireStick.

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Step 6: Click on the Open button to launch the Local Now app right on your Fire Stick and stream your favorite channels on FireStick.

How to use Local Now on FireStick?

#1. In order to move the Local Now app you need to press and hold the home button on your remote.
Tap the Apps button then scroll down and find the Local News app and Press the options button on your FireStick remote.
#2. Now click the Move option and use the navigation buttons to move the selected Local Now application and place it wherever you want.
#3. After launching the app for the first time, it will give you the city name based on your location. Here you have two options ‘Yes, Make this my City‘ and ‘No, Switch My City‘. You can also enter the name of your city or zip code to select it.

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#4. Once you have selected the city, you can see the home screen of the app. where you can see the options for Channels, Movies, Shows, Search, and Settings.
#5. If you want to stream channels click the Channels option and select your favorite based on the subcategories.
#6. Click the Movie option to select and stream the Movie of your favorite in HD or Full HD format.
You can search for the content directly with the help of the Search option at the top of the screen.

To Conclude

Local Now App is the best choice to stream local news channels and Movies on FireStick without any subscription. Furthermore, the application also offers you the EPG for better streaming. Unlike other streaming apps, the Local Now gives buffer-free streaming with HD formats. We hope this guide helped you to install the Local Now Apk on FireStick. This guide is applicable to all sorts of Android Boxes, MECOOL Boxes, and Amazon Fire devices including FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and more.

Thank you for reading this article, If you have any queries regarding this, please leave a comment below.

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