How to Reset FireStick without Pin or Remote? [2019]

Amazon Fire Stick is one of the easy ways to stream media over the internet. You can stream almost any content with the FireStick. It supports a lot of apps and also has the Amazon app store for the official app downloads. Since the FireStick runs based on the Android operating system, it also supports sideloading apps from other sources. The primary purpose of the device is to stream media from the internet. Due to the streaming nature, it has limited memory storage. Many FireStick users are facing some performance issues when they load many apps on their device. To resolve these issues, you need to reset your FireStick completely. This frees up the memory and makes it work like a new device again. In this article, we will tell you how to Reset FireStick using different methods.

Reset FireStick
Reset FireStick

FireStick is used by plenty of people around the world. Due to its high functionality, people install a lot of apps on their devices and get some performance lags. Deleting particular apps doesn’t solve the problem completely so that you need to reset your device completely. Here we have given different methods to reset FireStick. Read below to know the methods and follow any method that seems convenient to you.

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How to Reset Firestick/Fire TV Stick?

Resetting FireStick is very simple and easy. But make sure to take any valuable data before resetting. Because it erases all the data in your FireStick. Follow the steps below to reset your FireStick.

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Firestick.

How to Reset FireStick
FireStick Settings

Step 2: Navigate to the My Fire TV (or Device) option.

How to Reset FireStick
Amazon FireStick Reset

Step 3: Under the My Fire TV menu, you can find the sub-option Reset to Factory Defaults.

Step 4: Now Select the Reset to Factory Defaults and Click it.

How to Reset FireStick
How to Reset Amazon FireStick

Step 5: If set up Pin lock on your FireStick then you will be asked for the pin to proceed. In this case, just enter appropriate Pin.

Step 6: Click on the Reset button from the pop-up window. This will erase all the contents and reset your FireStick to default Factory settings.

How to Reset FireStick
How to Reset Fire TV Stick

That’s it! Resetting of FireStick has been completed successfully. Now your FireStick doesn’t contain any contents and looks like a new one. You can install any useful apps and stream media on it.

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How to Reset Firestick Without Pin?

Forgetting the Pin is normal, many FireStick users are looking for the ways to reset FireStick without Pin. There are two methods available to Reset FireStick without Pin. Follow any of these methods.

Resetting through Amazon website: In this method, you can reset your pin and create a new one. To do this log in to and reset your pin. After creating a new pin you can reset FireStick easily.

Reset using Remote: This method works for sometimes. When it asks for a Pin, just press your FireStick remote’s right navigation button and return button simultaneously for 10 seconds. This might bypass the pin screen and enables you to reset your FireStick.

How to Reset Firestick Without Remote?

It’s quite hard to operate FireStick without a remote. But if you want to Reset FireStick without Remote, you can use your smartphone instead of a remote. Here is how you can do it.

#1. Make Sure your FireStick and Smartphone are connected on the Same WiFi Network.

#2. Download and Install the Fire TV app.

#3. After installing the app, launch it and log in to your Amazon account.

#4. Then Search for the FireStick device from the Fire TV app and connect to it.

#5. That’s it! Now you can take control of your FireStick on your Phone. Use your Phone as a remote and reset your FireStick using any of the above-given methods.

To Conclude

Resetting FireStick deletes all the existing data on your FireStick and makes your device like a newer one. Then you need to setup FireStick and install apps to stream contents as you wish. Reset your FireStick only when it is necessary. There are many other solutions that you can work around to solve your issues. If nothing helps then you can try resetting.

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