What is Stremio? All You Need to Know About Stremio [2019]

Stremio is one of the popular media streaming applications, that enables you to organize and stream videos in various genres including movies, live TV, series, audios, games and video channels. With Stremio you can discover, organize and watch video from all kind of sources form any device that you own. One of the primary advantages of using Stremio is that it allows the users to compile the selection of videos from various different websites. All the files can be accessed from within this centralised portal. This saves a lot of time for the Stremio users, Moreover, you can also customize different playlists by adjusting the personal settings that are offered.

What is Stremio
What is Stremio

Similar to other popular streaming software like Kodi and Plex, the Stremio also has plenty of addons or plugins. These Stremio addons allow you to enhance your video streaming capability. Stremio has both official and unofficial addons, that can be installed easily from respective sources. It delivers contents from various sources that are recorded and stored on the cloud. Moreover, you can filter the contents provided by the Stremio. It is easy to sort the contents by its category and other things that come with the album art, actors details, descriptions, and IMDb ratings. Once after loading media into the personal library, then you can stream it over the internet. Read below to know everything about Stremio.

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Stremio Features

The following are some of the primary features of the Stremio app

Discover New Contents Easily: Stremio allows you to find the latest movies, TV shows, series and channels on time. You can browse the contents by its category genre, recency, rating, etc.

Stremio Addons: Stremio supports both official and unofficial addons. The vast availability of addons let you stream almost any content that you like to watch.

Stream HD Media: Stremio delivers you with the contents in High definition quality, so that you can stream your favourite movies, music, videos, TV shows, and more in high definition.

Subtitles: Stremio Media Player has the advanced subtitle options, that automatically fetches and displays the subtitles based on the movie that you are playing.

Organize your Media Library: With Stremio it is easy to organize your videos. You can name your library and you can arrange it by its type, recency and alphabetical order.

Notifications: It also has the push notification option, this will notify you whenever a new episode/ movie was released.

Sync Contents with One Screen: Stremio has a better synchronization among its devices. You can continue watching media from where you left on another device. It also provides you with the contents based on your viewing habits.

Features of Stremio
Features of Stremio

Stremio Supported Devices

Stremio is officially available for all major platforms. Here are the platforms that are supported by the Stremio:


Stremio Addons

Similar to Kodi Media Player, the Stremio also has addons that deliver various contents to its users. With these Stremio Addon you can watch free movies, sports, TV shows and live IPTV channels easily. But one thing that makes Stremio addon differ from other addons is that stream media directly from the torrent websites. So like other addons, it will be never be taken down by legal issues. The Stremio addon will work fine until the website exists. With Stremio Addons you can stream contents based on your needs. You can choose between official and third-party addons based on the content you want to stream.

Is Stremio Free?

Yes, Stremio is free software, you can get it for free of cost. Moreover, you can access all the features without paying money. In addition, you can enhance its capability by installing addons, it is also free to download. Streming media through Stremio is a wonderful experience, It streams all media formats in good quality and it is capable of providing subtitles based on the content you are playing.

Is Stremio legal?

Many of the Stremio users might have a question, whether it is legal and safe to use. The answer to this question is yes, Stremio is completely legal to use. Some Stremio addons allows you to stream videos legally from other popular sources like Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Prime. But the legality is only applicable when you use the official addons. Many unofficial addon provides contents that are not legal. Streaming such copyrighted contents is illegal. So the legal part of Stremio is in your hand, Before proceeding with the contents make sure what you are going to stream with the app.

Stremio Alternatives

There are various streaming platforms available in the market, that can be used as a Best alternative to Stremio. Here are some of the top alternatives.

Kodi Media Player

Kodi Media Player is the most versatile and powerful source for streaming media. When it comes to Stremio alternatives, then Kodi will be the first choice that you can go with. Kodi is the free and open source media player that is available for all major platforms. It also has an enormous amount of addons to stream with. You can stream thousands of contents on Kodi, which will enhance your streaming experience to a great extent.

Kodi Media Player
Kodi Media Player

Everything you need to know about Kodi Media Player

Plex Media Player

Plex is another digital media player and also an organizational tool, that provides almost the same features as Kodi. Plex uses the client-server setup, which allows you to organize and store media in one place and access them on various devices whenever you want. Plex supports various media formats including Pictures, music, and videos. You can access the contents on any of the Plex compatible devices. It also has the paid service called Plex Pass, which gives you a more advanced and premium features on your Plex installed devices. Plex can be a great alternative for Stremio app.

Plex Media Server
Plex Media Server

Everything you need to know about Plex Media Server

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the free, open-source cross-platform application, that enables you to stream torrents of movies and TV shows. It uses the BitTorrent client, that comes with the integrated media player. You can stream contents in HD through this application. Unlike other media players, the Popcorn Time doesn’t require you to download the file completely, So that you can stream media without even downloading the files. It provides contents from various torrent sources, this lets you access all the latest contents easily. You can use the Popcorn Time as an alternative to Stremio.

What is Popcorn Time

Everything you need to know about Popcorn Time

Stremio Review and Final Words

Stremio is the perfect source for streaming latest movies, series, Live TV channels and many more. with the automated subtitles and a great interface, you can stream the media files easily. The Stremio addons allow you to watch all the latest contents in high quality. Even though there are plenty of other streaming services available the Stremio has its place with the user-friendly interface and some advanced features. Hope this article, has given an idea about what Stremio is. Install the app and enjoy streaming.

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