What is Popcorn Time? Things You Need to Know [2019]

Popcorn Time is a most powerful, free, open-source application that lets you stream torrents of Movies and TV shows. The software uses the BitTorrent’s P2P technology which enables the users to stream content in HD quality. This enables you to watch your favourite media without any hassle. Moreover, the application has an integrated media player, that plays the media files smoothly. It uses sequential downloading and uploading to play the movies in its media player. Due to its features, the software has achieved high popularity over a short period of time. It has even more features that are being added by its developers.

What is Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time was originally developed for the Windows operating system, but now it is available for all major platforms. The app enables the users to search and stream a large variety of movies right on your devices. It uses a great combination of torrenting and streaming features. Unlike other torrenting clients, the downloaded files will disappear from the users’ computers when they exit the program. The app users easy to use interface that allows the users to stream contents much easier. Since it uses the peer-to-peer technology, the file is available until its deleted from all other devices and its downloadable to others until you exit the application.

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Features of Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time gets content updated very often So that you can get all the latest contents with a very short-waiting period.

Unlimited Streaming
Unlike many other popular streaming services, the Popcorn time doesn’t have any restrictions in accessing its contents. You can watch an unlimited amount of contents smoothly.

Latest Contents
Since the app seeks constantly for the latest contents on the web. you can access all the latest movies without waiting for a longer period of time.

Accessible on Various Devices
Popcorn Time is available for all major platforms, you can get the app on all your devices and stream contents with higher flexibility.

Preferable Video Quality
The quality of the video streamed by Popcorn Time is changeable based on the user’s preferences. You can select the quality of the video based on your internet speed.

Stream Media
The app enables the user to stream media with instant playback options.

Subtitles Support
Popcorn Time provides most of its contents with the subtitles, moreover, you can enable or disable subtitles based on your needs. This lets you watch movies in various languages easily.

What is Popcorn Time

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Is Popcorn Time Free?

Popcorn Time is a completely free program and it doesn’t even contain any ads. It one of the simplest ways to stream movies and shows for free of cost. Moreover, it provides access to plenty of paid contents. The software allows you to browse for the latest and your favourite movies easily. The contents provided by the Popcorn Time is high in quality.

What is Popcorn Time

When it comes to Popcorn Time legality, it depends on the user. In fact, it depends on where you are located. Torrents are legal, but when you access the copyrighted content without paying is illegal. It is recommended to check the content’s legality before accessing it on Popcorn Time.

Is Popcorn Time Safe?

When using Popcorn Time, there is a higher chance of accessing pirated movies or TV Shows. Many people are getting sued for watching copyrighted contents on Popcorn Time. Since the software is available for major platforms, there is a higher chance of streaming such contents. Moreover, it contains almost all the contents of Netflix. It is also called as pirated Netflix. Popcorn Time doesn’t contain any ads, this lets the users watch movies without any interruption. Its always better to know what content you are going to watch and check whether it is legal in your region.

How to use Popcorn Time Safely?

Many Popcorn Time users worried about safety and try to prevent their data while watching Movies or TV Shows. For them, VPN is the best option, that gives powerful security over the network. Using a VPN is necessary even if you live in a country with lenient policies towards torrents, you might still face the interrogation for watching unauthorized contents.

The Popcorn Time users have experienced this in the past, now the government has taken even stricter measures against the mirror websites. VPN highly improves the online security and prevent you from the snoopers, who want to monitor your online activity. It hides your IP address and encrypts your data. VPN keeps you safe and anonymous while using Popcorn Time. Moreover, it is not only for the Popcorn Time, but also used for safer web surfing. Using a VPN for Popcorn Time is very simple, there is no technical knowledge required for using such services.

Popcorn Time Alternatives

Even though the Popcorn Time is one of the best alternative following are some of the best alternatives of Popcorn Time.


Kodi is the most popular open source media player that offers tons and tons of contents to its users. With Kodi, you can stream videos in various categories. It lets you access Movies, TV Shows, Live TV Channels, Sports, Animes and many more. Unlike other sources, the Kodi addons provide you high-quality media. It offers you 4K, 1080p, 720p and Standard defintiion formats. Moreover, there are plenty of addons available on Kodi, that gives you access to various contents. Overall Kodi Media Player can be a better alternative to Popcorn Time.

Kodi Media Player
Kodi Media Player


Stremio is one of the sources that lets you stream all the latest movies and shows in better quality. It provides various features that are needed by every avid streamer. It offers you with subtitles in various languages. Similar to Kodi, it also has various addons, that will help you in accessing various contents. With Streamio you can watch the most popular contents that are offered by various streaming services like Youtube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime video. Moreover, the application is available for all major platforms, this enhances the streaming capability.

What is Stremio
What is Stremio

Duckie TV

Duckie TV is an open source app, that offers you with a variety of contents. The application is available for all major platforms. Duckie TV provides a lot of TV shows. You can access all popular shows in high definition through this app. It can be used as an alternative to Popcorn Time.

What is Popcorn Time

Review & Conclusion

Popcorn Time is one of the most used services for watching Movies and Shows. It offers you with all the featured contents for free of cost. Furthermore, you can access the contents in high-definition. Popcorn Time is available for multiple platforms, this gives you greater flexibility over devices.

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