How to Watch PPV on Kodi? – Best Pay Per View Addons

Kodi is the most versatile media streaming software that is used by avid streamers and cord-cutters all over the world. This multi-platform application lets you install and use it on all major devices. With the help of Kodi addons, you can stream tons and tons of contents in various genres. You can experience endless entertainment than ever before. Most of the contents offered by Kodi are free of cost. While there are many high-profile sports events that run based on the PPV (Pay Per View) system. In this method, you have to pay for watching particular content. Many people have become a die-hard fan of popular sports events. They are willing to pay for streaming their favourite events, this made this model very successful globally. In Kodi, there are many addons offer the PPV for streaming events. In this article, we will show you the top PPV Kodi Addons.

How to Watch PPV on Kodi

How to Watch PPV on Kodi?

You can watch Pay Per View events on Kodi with the help of Addons. There are many addons available, which offers PPV events. here we have given some of the most popular and working addons that help you to stream PPV on Kodi. Read below to know the best Kodi addons for streaming PPV events.

Best Kodi Addons for PPV

Sports Devil

Sports Devil is one of the most popular Kodi addons that offers high-quality sports channels. With this addon, you can stream live sporting events and replays. The contents offered by this addon are in High Definition quality. You can find all the latest events and highlights on this addon. It is one of the best addons to stream Live sports that streams all the PPV contents like WWE, UFC, NFL, Boxing and more. If you are looking to install the best PPV addon, then Sports Devil is the most preferable option.


DAZN is another useful addon that offers contents based on Pay Per View. You can access the full set of legal and live streams on this addon. If you are a sports lover then you can find a wide range of sports events including NFL, Soccer, rugby, tennis, darts and more. DAZN is also called Netflix of Sports. DAZN Kodi addon delivers you with everything related to sports. It is one of the affordable options to stream sports without a cable subscription.

Planet MMA

Planet MMA is one of the most popular addons that is primarily used for streaming UFC/MMA live events. It is the complete and dedicated source to stream MMA coverage. You can also watch on-demand events as well. If you are looking for Best PPV addons, then Planet MMA is a great option. It lets you stream plenty of events in various categories including MMA, UFC, Fights Spotlight, Fight Night Live and many more. Overall it is a perfect choice for streaming events in various categories.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is one of the most reliable sports addons. The addon offers various categories of contents. You can stream all the latest live sports events using this addon. The addon has various categories of sporting events like Football, PPV Events, Sports Channels, IPTV Heaven and more. With its massive library of contents, you can stream almost all sports events on your devices. It has a separate category for streaming live PPV events.

Maverick TV

Maverick TV is another popular addon that offers videos in various categories. It provides both live and on-demand contents as well. It is one of the best sources to stream PPV events on Kodi. The maverick TV offers high-quality videos, in which you can even stream 4K resolution as well. Moreover, you can also integrate the addon with real debrid and to maintain your watch history.


Deceit is an all in one Kodi addon that offers plenty of contents in various categories. The Deceit has something for everyone, it covers all types of audiences with its contents. It is the other best addon to stream Live sports events on Kodi. The addon scrapes high-quality links from various sources and provides the best working links. Even though it doesn’t have a dedicated category for PPV, still you can access PPV events on its live tv channels.

The Loop

The Loop is one of the newer Sports Addon, that covers major sports events in various categories like CBC Regionals, Game Zone, Fight Zone, Fan Zone, Golf 24/7, NBC and more. It is one of the most recommended addons for Sports lovers. You can find some best Pay Per View contents on this addon. It also offers both live and on-demand streaming. Apart from sports, you can also access Radio and News as well.

Wrap Up

The Addons given in this article, are the best addons for Pay Per View (PPV) events. It can be used to watch PPV on Kodi Media Player. It saves you from expensive cable subscription and lets you pay and stream events based on your wishes. We hope this guide helped you to find the Best PPV addons. You can install any of these addons and start streaming your favourite sports events.

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